Rick Colella

Rick Colella is a long-time practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation and healing practices. He holds practitioner certification from the Center for Thai Yoga Therapy , Yoga Teacher Certification from Center for Yoga, and Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.

By working with hundreds of healing clients, integrating his own techniques, and those he studied with master healers James Hyman, David Elliot and intensive study with Vipassana meditation teacher Shinzen Young, he has formed unique approaches to yoga, breath healing, emotional release work and teaching meditation.

He is the founder and former owner of Insight Yoga in Pasadena, CA and where he co-led the Yoga Alliance Approved Insight Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2006 and opened up an intensive workshop program which brought together a dedicated student base and some of the most renowned meditation teachers, healers, and yoga instructors in the country.

Rick comes from a familiy of amateur and professional musicians and  loves to share his musical gifts and meditation practice through the community experience of Kirtan (ecstatic chanting) . His goal with this blog is to inspire and connect communities of yogis and freely share insights and knowledge

You can contact Rick with questions about Kirtan, Breath Healing, Traditional Thai Massage, Private Yoga instruction, or any other matters at rickycolella@gmail.com

Want to have a kirtan at your yoga center? Contact Rick at 323-273-2850.



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