Benefits of Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can transform your life!

By learning simple, practical focusing techniques and beginning a regular meditation practice you can:

  • Relieve anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Experience peace and joy
  • Deepen fulfillment
  • Increase concentration
  • Transform your relationship with your thoughts and emotions
  • Decrease negativity
  • Re-energize/ Recharge
  • Decrease chronic pain

“Mindfulness takes you out of the same old patterns.  You’re no longer battling your mind in the boxer’s ring—you’re watching, with interest, from the stands.  The detachment doesn’t lead to passivity, but to new ways of thinking.”

  Newsweek September 27, 2004

“Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a way to prevent, slow, or at least control the pain of chronic diseases like heart conditions, AIDS, cancer, and infertility.  It is also being used to restore balance in the face of such psychiatric disturbances such as depression, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder (ADD) . . .doctors are embracing meditation not because they think it’s hip or cool, but because scientific studies are beginning to show it works. . . Time Magazine August 4, 2003


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