Skype Meditation Lessons

Individual meditation instruction with Rick Colella over the phone or Skype

Personal Interactive Guidance –

Many people are interested in meditation but shy away from doing it in a group.  Others try meditation on their own, but quickly get frustrated with their wandering minds or bodily discomfort without further exploration.

Personal interactive guidance is by far the most effective way to learn to meditate.  The interactive approach ends laziness and haziness by keeping you continuously focused through consistent queries and feedback from a skilled teacher.  In turn, you immediately become more clear about the how’s and why’s of practice, you feel that the time goes quickly, and generally, you experience more pleasant and interesting states during meditation.  Also, you are given simple techniques that build on each other.  In each weekly session, you’ll be given new keys that you can master with practice over time.  Gradually, you’ll learn effective ways of being more present, clear and relaxed in every situation.

Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing

How many sessions will I need? 

 After just 4-6 weekly sessions, with daily practice in between, most people will gain a basic understanding of how to meditate and how meditation can positively affect their lives.  However, just like learning other skills such as musical instruments, tennis, or personal fitness, the rate of growth is much faster with private one-on-one coaching. So, many people decide they get so much value out of the weekly phone sessions that they continue for months or even years.


How do I get started? 

 It’s easy. All you need is a Skype account or a phone with a hands free headset or a speakerphone.    Call or email Rick (323-273-2850 and set up an appointment for your first one hour session at your convenience.  Rick usually works with meditators once or twice a week depending on their level of availability and interest.

Pricing –

$45 per 1 hour session



Participating in mindfulness training over the phone with Rick has helped me begin to develop a practice that is in line with my intentions and hopes for experiencing a sense of freedom from the effects of reactivity. Rick moves with me, side-by-side, teaching me to work with the flow of my sensations, feelings, thoughts and images. He is helping me cultivate a greater sense of equanimity in moment-to-moment experiences. I am appreciative of the safe, instructive, and collaborative context that Rick has created for our work.

Lynne Rosen, Psychotherapist

Learning meditation with Rick has helped me get over my struggles with depression and has given me relief from the feelings of emptiness and hopelessness.  It has enriched my life and made the day to day living much more happy and fullfilling.

Deb Black, Technical Security Specialist

Learning to meditate has given me a valuable tool to deal with my distress, anxiety and occasional panic episodes.  I find that it brings me a sense of peace that I’ve never experienced before.  I now wonder why it took me so long to reach out to someone who could help me learn the value of meditation in my life.  Thank you Rick!

 Sandra Bibb, Nurse 


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